RV Plumbing Antifreeze -50°C


Econo Plumbing Antifreeze provides burst protection down to -50°C when used undiluted. It has been specifically formulated to protect and prevent freeze damage to drains and fresh water lines in septic systems, boats, recreational vehicles, seasonal homes, swimming pool filtration and heating systems. It is safe for plastic piping only.

The plumbing antifreeze is a mixture of propylene glycol, alcohols and water. It is completely non-toxic and, if used as directed, it is not harmful to the environment.


Plumbing antifreeze does not have a definite freeze point but will turn thick and viscous as the temperature drops and will not expand as water does. Care should be taken to make sure as much water as possible is drained from the plumbing system before adding Economical R.V. Plumbing Antifreeze. Dilution caused by water remaining in traps and pipes will reduce the level of burst protection.

Package Sizes:

Available in Bulk, 1211L Tote, 205L Drum, 20L Pail 4×3.78L Case

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