Pumpjack Oil ISO 150 Gear Lubricant


49 NORTH® PUMPJACK OIL GEAR LUBRICANTS are special formula gear lubricants for heavy duty industrial gear sets operating under severe service conditions including heavy continuous loads or frequent shock loads. 49 NORTH® PUMPJACK OIL GEAR LUBRICANTS have been specially formulated for optimal performance in pumpjack operations for the Canadian oil field.


49 NORTH® PUMPJACK OIL GEAR LUBRICANTS are formulated with premium high quality base oils to provide optimum load carrying capability, water separation and oxidation resistance. The additive system incorporated in 49 NORTH® PUMPJACK OIL GEAR LUBRICANTS provides extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear protection, superior oxidative and thermal stability, increased protection against rust and corrosion and excellent seal compatibility.
At the high localized temperatures achieved under heavy load conditions, the sulfur-phosphorus EP additive in 49 NORTH® PUMPJACK OIL GEAR LUBRICANTS chemically reacts with the metal surfaces in order to prevent the welding, scoring, and galling that may occur as the oil film is broken. By modifying the metal surfaces at contact in this manner, wear is reduced and the gear life is extended.
49 NORTH® PUMPJACK OIL GEAR LUBRICANTS are not to be used in automotive differential gear sets that require the use of API GL-5 rated gear oils, and are not food grade products.
Care should be taken to prevent the contamination of gear oils, since industrial gear oils typically have a long service interval recommendation. Materials such as water, scale, and dirt can degrade the performance of the oil, in addition to increasing the performance demands on the oil.

Package Sizes:

Available in bulk, 1211 L totes, 208 L drums, 20 L pails

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