Synthetic EP ISO 460 Gear Lubricant


49 NORTH® SYNTHETIC EP GEAR LUBRICANTS are fully synthetic gear lubricants specially engineered for enclosed industrial gear boxes operating under extreme pressures and/or temperatures and shock loads.


49 NORTH® SYNTHETIC EP GEAR LUBRICANTS are an extensively tested, custom formulation that provides excellent wear protection of gears and bearings, and is shear stable with a high film strength and load-carrying capacity. The unique additive formulation includes thermally stable extreme pressure (EP) additives, with high oxidation resistance, a high viscosity index, anti-rust, anti-foam, rapid air release, and water demulsification. 49 NORTH® SYNTHETIC EP GEAR LUBRICANTS contain no solid additives, have excellent seal compatibility and are hydrolytically stable.

Package Sizes:

Available in bulk, 1211 L totes, 208 L drums, 20 L pails

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