Maxtron® All-Syn HD ATF


Maxtron® All-Syn HD ATF is a specially designed ATF fluid for maximum protection in heavy duty automatic and power shift transmissions for trucks, buses and other commercial equipment operating under severe and extended drain conditions.
Maxtron All-Syn HD ATF contains a carefully selected synthetic base oil assuring excellent wide temperature range performance while the specialized advanced performance additive system provides superior oxidation resistance, wear protection and smooth power transfer during shift cycles, under both normal and extended drain operating conditions. It is compatible with mineral oil ATF’s and transmission seal materials.
Maxtron All-Syn HD ATF contains additional special additives to enhance cold temperature performance, prevent oil seal deterioration, reduce foam, and a color indicator for easy identification. Maxtron All-Syn HD ATF technology has been field tested and demonstrated extended drain and filter life. This can reduce operating cost and used oil disposal. The OEM manufactures extended drain recommendation should be followed.

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