Anti-Wear ISO 32 Hydraulic Fluid


49 NORTH® AW HYDRAULIC OILS are a top quality low-zinc anti-wear hydraulic oil designed for use in hydraulic systems ranging from simple to the latest in high technology and high performance.


49 NORTH® AW HYDRAULIC OILS are blended with high quality base oils having excellent stability and quality, balanced additive system that provides oxidation and thermal stability, anti-rust, demulsibility, anti-wear, and anti-foam characteristics. The zinc type anti-wear agent used in these oils helps minimize wear in high speed, high pressure, vane and gear pumps while meeting the lubrication requirements of axial piston pumps having bronze and steel metallurgy. 49 NORTH® AW HYDRAULIC OILS are highly stable under thermal or oxidative stress and are exceptionally stable when in the presence of moisture, showing little tendency to hydrolyze and attack copper, and preventing filter plugging, extending drain intervals.

Package Sizes:

Available in bulk, 1211 L totes, 208 L drums, 20 L pails

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