Industrial ISO 150 Circulating Oil


49 NORTH® INDUSTRIAL CIRCULATING OILS are turbine oils designed to give outstanding performance in steam and hydroelectric turbines.


49 NORTH® INDUSTRIAL CIRCULATING OILS provide rust protection, oxidation inhibition, and foam suppression. The thermal and oxidation stability of these lubricants, due to their high level of refinement, has been further enhanced by their unique ashless, zinc-free formulation. The high thermal and oxidation stability help protect against oxidation deposit formation or the generation of acidic material.
49 NORTH® INDUSTRIAL CIRCULATING OILS pass the Fresh Water Corrosion Test (ASTM D665, Procedure A), and the severe Synthetic Sea Water Rust Test (ASTM D665, Procedure B).
49 NORTH® INDUSTRIAL CIRCULATING OILS have very good emulsibility characteristics allowing quick release of moisture, as well as minimizing entrained air which otherwise could result in low lubricant film strength between moving parts and pump cavitation.

Package Sizes:

Available in Bulk, 1211L totes, 208L Drums, 20L Pails

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