HVI ISO 13 Hydraulic Oil


49 NORTH® ARCTIC EXTREME ISO 13 HYDRAULIC FLUID is an extremely high viscosity antiwear hydraulic fluid, recommended for all types of hydraulic systems operating under extremely low ambient temperatures. This product conforms to the extreme arctic viscometric requirements of MIL 5606-A spec.


49 NORTH® ARCTIC EXTREME ISO 13 HYDRAULIC FLUID has very high viscosity index with excellent shear stability, ensuring a thick lubricating film and hydraulic pump efficiency during the full life of the fluid. Good compatibility with elastomers and seals, and excellent demulsibility with water. Extremely low pour point and superior low temperature flow characteristics prevent pump cavitation during start-up. Excellent antifoam, corrosion protection, and anti-oxidation properties. Dyed red for easy identification.

Package Sizes:

Available in 1211 L totes, 208 L Drums, 20 L Pails.

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