XHVI Hydraulic Oil


49 NORTH® XHVI HYDRAULIC OIL is a versatile multiviscosity lubricant designed to give robust protection to hydraulic pumps.


49 NORTH® XHVI HYDRAULIC OIL promotes even and continuous power transmission over a wide temperature range with a
minimum of shudder due to its multi-viscosity features. Surging pressures in pumps and valves can increase metal-to-metal contact
unless anti-wear protection is present. The anti-wear additives in 49 NORTH® XHVI HYDRAULIC OIL plate out on the metal
surfaces and minimize the metal-to-metal contact that is most severe in vane, piston, and gear type pumps.

Package Sizes:

Available in bulk, 1211 L totes, 208 L drums, 20 L pails

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