All-Season Tractor Hydraulic Fluid


49 NORTH® TRACTOR HYDRAULIC FLUID ALL SEASON (J20D) is a multifunctional type fluid formulated specifically for tractors using a centralized system to lubricate the transmission, differential, wet brake, power steering, and hydraulic systems.


49 NORTH® TRACTOR HYDRAULIC FLUID ALL SEASON (J20D) is formulated with high viscosity index base oils and a special additive system to provide anti-wear properties, the ability to carry heavy differential gear loads, resistance to oxidation stress from high temperatures, and the special balance of frictional properties required to prevent wet brake chatter and give smooth operation. This fluid is designed to provide superior transmission and hydraulic operations during low temperature conditions, while keeping the internal parts clean and prolonging the life of sealing materials.
49 NORTH® TRACTOR HYDRAULIC FLUID ALL SEASON (J20D) provides outstanding cold flow performance for those times when cold temperature start-up and operation are essential.

Package Sizes:

Available in Bulk, 1211L totes, 208L Drums, 20L Pails

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