Sliderite ISO 68


49 NORTH® SLIDERITE oils are designed for use in the lubrication of slides and ways of machine tools.


49 NORTH® SLIDERITE oils help provide extreme pressure and antiwear protection and have stringiness and oiliness characteristics as well as an additional tacky quality which minimizes leakage and adheres to metal surfaces providing a tenacious lubricant film.
49 NORTH® SLIDERITE oils are formulated to meet the critical lubricant demands for slides and ways of machine tools. The inherent low coefficient of static friction minimizes stick-slip of sliding parts on machine tools which maximizes the operating efficiency of the tools and promotes smooth overall operation.
Due to their adhesiveness, 49 NORTH® SLIDERITE oils form a tenacious film which resists being wiped away by the slowly moving parallel surfaces of the way or being washed away by cutting fluids. These oils also help protect cast iron and bronze surfaces from rust and corrosion, and are resistant to oxidation.

Package Sizes:

Available in 208 L drums, 18.9 L pails.

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