Automatic Alcohol Spray Dispenser with Floor Stand


49 NORTH AUTOMATIC ALCOHOL SPRAY DISPENSER is a 1200mL refillable automatic dispenser that can be used with liquid sanitizer. This product is equipped with a motion capture sensor that is touch-free to avoid cross infection. Includes a non-dripping valve and waterproof design. Can be easily wall-mounted or placed on a stand.


• Suitable for liquid sanitizer
• Refillable 1200mL bottle
• Lockable with window design
• Battery-powered (4 C batteries)
• The battery life has a use of more than 30,000 dispenses
• Light indicator for low power
• Light indicator for motion to avoid any leakage
• Product size: 15.5 x 11.5 x 28.5 cm
• Product net weight: 980g
• Product code: 8650 (dispenser), 8650S (dispenser with floor stand)

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