Quat Sanitizer Ready to Use (RTU)


49 NORTH® QUAT SANITIZER is a ready-to-use, no-rinse quat sanitizer for use on food contact surfaces and tableware. It is ideal for use in restaurants, bars, kitchens and food trucks. It may also be used for general sanitation of high contact hard surfaces, such as door knobs, faucets, railings, vending machines, and other surfaces.

Proper use of QUAT Sanitizer will kill germs and viruses, such as COVID-19, and help prevent the spread of diseases.


49 NORTH® QUAT SANITIZER is a 200 ppm active quaternary ammonium compound sanitizer [(60% C14 30% C16 5% C12 5% C18) n-Alkyl, dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride]

NORTH® QUAT SANITIZER is recommend for all food industry applications.

Package Sizes:

4L Jug

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