Written By: Corey Foy

Selecting the proper lubricants for your agriculture equipment can play a large role in reducing upfront costs and expenses. The right lubricants can improve your fuel efficiency, as well as increase engine performance and protection. This ends up as a significant cost savings when avoiding unplanned downtime and losses in production.

OEM Requirements

Each OEM has different lubrication requirements, and you’ll want to ensure that you are using lubricants that are built to those specifications. Do you need a product that is multi-function for transmission, hydraulics, and wet brakes?  Or do you need different products for each of those applications because the unit does not have a common sump?

Climate Conditions

Another important consideration is the climate your equipment is working in. Ensuring that your oil can handle the varying challenges presented by high and low temperature extremes, and still provide the protection you need is critical in preventing downtime and ensuring that the job is completed on time and under budget. There are tractor hydraulic fluids for summer use (meeting the J20C specification), as well as low viscosity products for the winter months (meeting J20D specification).

Whether its hydraulics, transmissions, differentials, or engines we have the lubricant you need for any piece of agricultural equipment you may have.

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