Order Sprayer Antifreeze Today

June 21, 2022

  Sprayer Antifreeze -35°C 49 North Sprayer Antifreeze is a blend of methanol, water, and a cold weather additive package. This product is an economical means of preventing freeze-thaw damage to agricultural sprayer lines, reservoirs, and sprayer tips. This product is carefully blended to ensure maximum freeze protection. Use at full strength, do not dilute.   Recommended For: Agricultural Sprayers Directional Drilling Equipment Water based systems requiring winter storage  …

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Understanding a Viscosity Chart

June 20, 2022

  You can think of viscosity as how thick a liquid is. A liquid with high viscosity is thick, like honey, while a liquid with low viscosity is thin, like water. Comparing water to honey is easy to understand and visualize, it leaves too wide a range when we are discussing equipment. So, we use more accurate measurements when formulating lubricants.  The chart below shows the common scales that viscosity is measured…

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Should You Use Engine Oil Additives?

June 6, 2022

You see after-market engine oil additives on the shelves that promise performance enhancements. It sounds great - wear protection, cleaner engines, rust inhibitors. Should you use them? Should you use engine oil additives? The short answer - no. When a blender formulates your engine oil they have already carefully selected additives that work together. Adding an unknown additive to an existing engine oil can cause a reaction with the chemistry…

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Are you using the right lubricant?

April 26, 2022

Looking for the right lubricant? Your owner's manual tells you what lubricant you need. But it can be time consuming and confusing to go through those tables. They list many different products, specifications, and viscosity requirements over several temperature ranges. This makes it tough to determine what you need for your equipment. Another solution? Call your oil supplier.   Calling your oil supplier When calling a supplier and asking for…

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Winnipeg Grand Opening

April 21, 2022

Join us for our official 49 North Lubricants Grand Opening event! Let us take you for lunch and update you on all the latest in lubricants. WHEN: Wednesday June 1 10am to 2:30pm WHERE: 49 North Lubricants #300 - 3010 Red Fife Road Winnipeg, MB R0H 1E0   Join us this summer in celebrating our new location and our fantastic customers. This event is welcome to anyone interested in learning…

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