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Havoline motor oils are a direct beneficiary of our leading edge technologies. Chevron invented modern hydrocracking called ISOCRACKING®, the widely-adopted base oil refining process that improves oil viscosity properties and removes impurities. We also invented ISODEWAXING®, a process that reshapes the wax molecules into high-quality base oil molecules, transforming a negative into a positive.


Conventional Motor Oil with Deposit Shield®

Synthetic Blend with Deposit Shield®

Synthetic Motor Oil with Deposit Shield®


Your automatic transmission shifts hundreds of times a day, and without smooth shifting, trouble-free operation, your engine can’t operate at maximum efficiency. So help promote long life and seamless operation by using the grade of Havoline Automatic Transmission Fluid specifically designed for your vehicle.


Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF+4

Synthetic ATF Multi-Vehicle DEXRON®-VI*

Multi-Vehicle ATF

Automatic Transmission Fluid MD-3


Stay cool under pressure
From the frozen tundra of the north to the blazing desert heat, Havoline Anti-freeze/Coolant is specially formulated to help protect your engine’s cooling system from winter freeze-up and summer boil-over.


Extended Life Anti-Freeze/Coolant DEX-COOL

Universal Anti-Freeze/Coolant

Conventional Anti-Freeze/Coolant