Written By: Corey Foy

It's been an interesting time these last few weeks as we scrambled to switch a portion of our production from lubricants into hand sanitizer in order to help our local communities deal with the uncertainty of COVID-19, and it hasn't been easy!

There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes before a finished product can go out to market. We had to try and source new bottles, labels, and boxes, register and submit licences and forms to the government, determine suitable mixing, batching, and packaging techniques. All the while trying to ramp up our ability to produce alcohol-based hand sanitizer quick enough so that our essential services could keep on working.

The situation is still changing, and we are trying to adapt with it, providing a product that keeps our families safe, and in sizes that are adjustable from a single person, to a family, to small or large businesses.

But I can say that we were successful and are able to deliver a quality product to you today, tomorrow, and for as long as necessary. You can find the product information, along with the National Product Number (NPN), and our Safety Data Sheet here and if you need to ask us any questions, or place an order we are available at 1.800.463.0354.


Stay Safe.