Written By: Corey Foy

AW Hydraulic OIl


Industry jargon is commonly misinterpreted.  It feels like you need a reference card to keep track of all the abbreviations. When dealing with lubricants it's important to clarify the meaning instead of just assuming.

A good example of this is 15W40 or any multigrade engine oil. It's commonly assumed that the W stands for weight - it actually means winter. Multigrade engine oils (both gasoline and diesel) are identified by two numbers separated by a W. The first number indicates how the oil performs at startup, or cold starts. The second number indicates performance at operating temperatures.


What does AW Hydraulic Oil mean?

Another abbreviation common to lubricants is AW hydraulic oil. It is often confused as "All-Weather". AW means "Anti-Wear". AW Hydraulic oil is meant for a more consistent temperature range or used in temperature controlled service. Find the differences between hydraulic oils here.

If you're ever unsure about what an abbreviation means you should ask your lubricant supplier. You want to make sure you've picked the right fluid.


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