Written By: Corey Foy

engine oil additives

You see after-market engine oil additives on the shelves that promise performance enhancements. It sounds great - wear protection, cleaner engines, rust inhibitors. Should you use them?

Should you use engine oil additives?

The short answer - no.

When a blender formulates your engine oil they have already carefully selected additives that work together. Adding an unknown additive to an existing engine oil can cause a reaction with the chemistry of the oil. This can have big consequences. After-market additives can compete for surface area with existing additives and prevent them from being able to properly protect your engine. As a result you will see varnish and wear.

Another downside to using after-market additives is OEM warranty. Using additives on a new piece of equipment can give the OEM grounds to deny warranty claims.

You’re better off using a good synthetic oil to get the benefits of improved wear protection, reduced oil consumption, maximum fuel economy and more. Not only will it protect better, it’ll end up costing about the same once you factor in the cost of the additive.

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