Written By: Corey Foy

Looking for the right lubricant? Your owner's manual tells you what lubricant you need. But it can be time consuming and confusing to go through those tables. They list many different products, specifications, and viscosity requirements over several temperature ranges. This makes it tough to determine what you need for your equipment. Another solution? Call your oil supplier.


Calling your oil supplier

When calling a supplier and asking for oil it's important to give them enough information. For example, if you call in and ask for 5W30 oil your supplier doesn't know if you're looking for a gasoline engine oil or a transmission oil. Also, are you looking for synthetic or conventional?

This same idea can be applied when asking for product recommendations or a change from another oil brand.


What's your application?

It's important to understand the application. We want to make sure that you are receiving the right product for the right application. We have seen customers ask for industrial gear oils but after diving into what they were using the product for they were actually in need of compressor oil instead. These two products have very different additive requirements and using a gear oil in a compressor application can have some serious consequences.


Using the wrong lubricant can be costly

If you have any doubts about if you're using the right lubricant please call or text our technical specialist, Corey Foy, at 780.238.6598!