Order Sprayer Antifreeze Today

June 21, 2022

  Sprayer Antifreeze -35°C 49 North Sprayer Antifreeze is a blend of methanol, water, and a cold weather additive package. This product is an economical means of preventing freeze-thaw damage to agricultural sprayer lines, reservoirs, and sprayer tips. This product is carefully blended to ensure maximum freeze protection. Use at full strength, do not dilute.   Recommended For: Agricultural Sprayers Directional Drilling Equipment Water based systems requiring winter storage  …

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2020 Chevron Switch and Save Promotion

July 2, 2020

    New-to-Chevron* customers receive up to $1,500 USD maximum rebate for the purchase of qualifying Chevron products! Promotion Period: June 8 - October 31, 2020 • Claim Deadline: November 30, 2020 WHO CAN PARTICIPATE New* customers of Chevron Lubrication Marketers purchasing qualifying Chevron lubrication products. *New is defined as buyers who have not purchased qualifying products in 2020. This also includes existing customers who upgrade or add a qualifying…

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