Cylinder Scuffing: Risks and Prevention

April 24, 2024

For businesses relying on heavy machinery, a smooth-running fleet is essential. However, a hidden enemy threatens your engine's lifespan – cylinder scuffing. Specifically, this silent issue can cause repairs, downtime, and even engine failure. At 49 North, we understand your need for reliable operations. That's why we want to help you understand cylinder scuffing. In specific, how using the right lubricants protect your investments. What is Cylinder Scuffing? Picture a…

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Bearing Corrosion: Understanding and Prevention

April 16, 2024

Bearings are the unsung heroes of our machines. These workhorses keep things running smoothly, reducing friction and allowing for efficient movement. However, even these components can face challenges. Specifically, this blog post dives into the world of bearing corrosion, exploring its causes, consequences, and, most importantly, how to prevent it. What is Bearing Corrosion? Simply put, it is the deterioration of a bearing's surface due to a chemical reaction with…

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A Trip Down Memory Lane: 5 of Our Best Blogs!

March 26, 2024

As 49 North Lubricants celebrates its 40th anniversary, we're taking a moment to revisit some of our most informative blog posts. Over the years, we've strived to provide valuable insights on lubrication and maintenance for our customers in the agricultural, construction, mining, manufacturing and trucking industries. Here are 5 of our top blog posts that continue to be relevant and helpful. 1. Winterizing 101: The Basics Dreading the harsh winter…

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Why Does Water Leak from Your Exhaust?

March 22, 2024

Discovering water dripping from your car's exhaust pipe can be an unsettling sight. However, this phenomenon is often a normal occurrence, particularly in certain conditions. This blog post explores why water may leak from your exhaust pipe, helping you distinguishing between harmless condensation and signs of potential problems that require attention. The Science Behind the Water Condensation: The most common reason for water leaking from the exhaust pipe is condensation.…

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Red and Green Coolant – What Should you Use?

March 21, 2024

For businesses in agriculture, construction, and transportation, keeping your fleet operational is crucial. One often-overlooked factor in maintaining optimal performance is your engine coolant. Choosing the right kind can significantly impact your bottom line, minimizing downtime and maximizing engine life. However, while color was a traditional tool used to differentiate the type of coolant, it is just a dye, and does not mean that all coolants of that color are…

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